ENTREVISTA: Red Sun Lord (Brasil)


Nombre (s) / Instrumento (s) /Sello discográfico 

Arthur Mastropietro / guitar and vocal

Puedes decirnos un poco sobre tú primer contacto con la música?

I listen to music since a little boy, my father listened to rock, so passion for rock and roll started early. I started playing guitars when I was about 14 years old with friends, since then I never stop playing.

Cuéntanos un  cómo es tu escena local y la bandas que consideras clave

Here in Brazil we have an amazing rock n roll scene. Talking about heavy metal Sepultura for sure is the biggest one, we have Crypta making a huge success. When we talk about the Stoner/doom scene is not a united scene. The style has a very small niche of fans, making a little bit difficult to get some gigs around.

Cómo se formó la banda y cómo definieron su sonido?

The band started in 2019 with me and my friend Eduardo, the drummer. We both like very much Stoner, doom, desert, sludge and in 2019 we decided to form a band. Our bass player, Victor, came a few months later when we read an ad from him searching for Stoner projects. It was exactly what we needed and we were very lucky to meet since it’s so difficult find musicians that want to play Stoner here. We started playing beginning of 2020 with some covers, then the pandemic situation came. We kind got stuck until middle of 2021 when we returned rehearsals. Since then we recorded our first singles in 2022 and keep writing songs for a EP.

En términos generales, escoge  uno o dos discos emblemáticos de la banda,  y cuéntanos un poco de ellos: proceso de grabación, arte, mezcla, concepto.

We still don’t have a full album, we just recorded 2 singles so far. We are working on more songs so we can launch a EP until July/2023. The recording process was very smooth. Our producer knew exactly what we want. Our major influences are sabbath, Monolord, eletric wizard, down… Our art work was conceived by the famous American artist David Paul Seymour.

De manera general describe el equipo que usan para tocar

I use a Gibson SG Special tuned Drop B and a Gibson SG Std tuned std I use a Mesa Boogie Mark IV as my main amplifier on clean channel and the pedals a green Big Muff Russian reissue as main distortion. Other than that always changing the pedals. But the MXR Phase 90, wah wah Jerry Cantrell signature and Boss DD3 are always there.

Victor uses a Gibson Thunderbird And a Fender P Bass. He uses a Orange Terror bass for amplifier and also a variety of pedals, but the Boss Hyper Fuzz and Boss Hm2 always there.

Eduardo plays in a Tama drums with a set of Zildjan Cymbals.

Cuéntanos algún momento especial que ha MARCADO a la banda (tour, show, disco, etc)

The launching of our 2 singles was definitely the more memorable moment, a dream coming true. And the good reception overall we have in streaming platforms, we had a blast.

Aparte de la música, qué otra actividad los inspira para crear arte?

I love watching horror films, so it has a huge impact in the lyrics I write. Other than that we like to discuss everyday things like politics, war, science, world problems and it has an impact how we create our music.

Recomiendanos 5 discos favoritos

My favorite of all time: Black Sabbath the first one

Down – Nola

Type O Negative – October Rust

Monolord – Empress Rising

Cómo banda, qué es lo que más anhelan y esperan alcanzar?

We just want to keep creating honest and original music, recording and getting some gigs to play for the people whom trully support the scene.

Qué planes cercanos tienen en puerta?

Plans until July/23: Record a EP with 6 songs, record two videos playing live our 2 first singles, try all of our songs live out there.

Algunas palabras finales para la audiencia en Latinoamerica? 

Latin America has awesome bands, let’s support our bands, our scene, listen to them, go to the concerts. Let’s make Latin America the hugest Stoner pole in the world!


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